The Fundación Maga has its own brand of wine, a red DOCa Rioja made by Muriel Wines.

The proceeds of its sale are used entirely to finance cooperation projects in Cambodia and Sierra Leone.

Fundación Maga is an elegant wine from DOCa Rioja. It is ideal for pairing with all types of meats, especially roasts. It is also perfect with strong fish, cured cheeses, sausages and chocolates.

For each donation of 30 € you will receive as a gift a Magnum bottle of "Fundación Maga"

For each donation of 35 € you will receive a Magnum bottle of "Fundación Maga" and a Book of photographs of the places where we develop the projects.

For each donation of 90 € you will receive six 75cl bottles of Fundación Maga Reserva as a gift.

You can donate to our projects the amount you want through this account number.

We assume all expenses, which ensures that all donations arrive at their destination in full.



See all our projects in Sierra Leona and Cambodia.

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