Project Name



Education in Remote Villages.


00 NOVEMBER 2016.


Poipet (Cambodia).


50.000 €

Number of people who have worked on the project

15 people.


Cambodia is a country with one of the youngest populations in Asia (50% of the population is under the age of 18), so education is considered one of the keys to the future development of the country.

Rural areas are completely abandoned by the government, so children have little access to education. In the rare case that there is a school in the most marginalized areas, teachers have a very low level of training, so that the quality of education is precarious, resulting in discrimination against these students.


The aim is to ensure access to the minimum necessary education (primary education) for children in villages that are isolated. Creating the school in Odam Chrey has allowed children of these communities to have a healthy and accessible environment and safe infrastructure for their training.


This project allows children to attend school, prevent absenteeism in rural areas, increase access to education and above all, create schools where they have an environment conducive to learning.


Alejandra de Benito: "In many remote villages of Cambodia the lack of economic and human resources on the part of the government makes it impossible to guarantee something as basic as primary education for children, becoming a privilege instead of a fundamental right. The 'Education in Remote Villages' team opens the door to a better future.

Building a school not only provides better learning, but it also creates an environment in which the child becomes the protagonist, having an impact on the whole community. Life around the new school fosters the connection between neighbors, parents, teachers and village authorities, who now understand the importance of education in the lives of the youngest and and contribute with their means .

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