Project Name

Home for students.


House for 33 girls.




Poipet (Cambodia).


Number of people who have worked on the project


One of the main problems in Cambodia is the lack of resources and opportunities for adolescent girls to attend school.

In many occasions they do not have economic power to do it or they have to work to contribute money in their houses. On the other hand, the family environment is complicated: absence of parents, lack of support, etc. and girls who have the capacity and desire to study lack support.


The House can accommodate 23 girls. The purpose of this project is to create an environment conducive to adolescent girls to give them the opportunity to study and access higher education because otherwise, given the economic conditions, responsibilities and family burdens, these girls would not be able to access school.


The foster home provides a safe, supportive, family environment for the girls to continue their education and have the option to go to university after high school.

There are currently 25 girls in university or higher education.


HASU Gamit: "The social context in which we live led us to think and dream of a new educational project for young women who often dropped out of school in order to work, preferably in Thailand, or to engage in prostitution... To help them build their future with a better quality of life, developing human, social and cultural values in young women. Only the MAGA FOUNDATION could make this urgent necessity a reality. The continuous contact with them, Javier's visits to our mission, but above all his human sensitivity and generosity to support situations of true poverty, led us to present the project that was immediately attended to".

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