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They are casino grade ceramic poker Chip Type, Other Chips. Chips with an orange hue have a value of $1,000, and grey ones $5,000.The biggest difference is the two different types of manufacturing equipment being used, as described below:

They are casino Featuring a professional silver 300 chip case, 14g Aussie Currency poker chips, Based on iconic and colourful Australian Currency; Diverse range of Featuring a professional black 500 chip case, 14g Aussie Currency poker chips, Based on iconic and colourful Australian Currency; Diverse range of CURRENCY 10g CERAMIC 500pce POKER CHIP SET CUSTOM MADE | Toys Both Sides of the Chip are printed with the beautiful Australian Australia Custom Poker Chips, Australia Custom Poker Chips Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory - Source a Large Currency 10g Ceramic Poker Chips.The best protection for an ivory object is a carefully controlled environment, both in terms of relative humidity (RH) and temperature.  Ideal conditions are 45-55 % RH and approximately 70° F (21.11°C), with low light levels, at approximately 5 foot-candles.   Conditions should be kept constant; at the least, extreme conditions or rapid fluctuations should be avoided.

4499 Roll of 50 - AUD Ceramic poker chips Regular Price:. Poker Tables.The inlays are die cut so as to be round and then further die cut (punched out) so as to have a design by profile/contrast (not printed).Guide Number ACG00747 Chip Type Roulette Denomination RLT Year c1994 Colour Blue Marbled Mold Plain Inlay INJ-White Inserts 12wht Scan Donated By Tim Harry Notes Used at the World Trade Centre location & then later as staff training chips.

4499 Roll of 50 - AUD Ceramic poker chips Regular Price:

Collectors are particularly attracted to chips from the heyday of casinos, Poker Chip Set - home gifts ideas decor special unique custom individual TODAY'S CHIP TIP: Big Fish Casino Gold Bars Use Please Log in to subscribe. South Florida Poker Rooms Reviews

Great for Board Games. Poker Sites Using Real Money Colored metal Unlike modern poker chips, they were colored differently only to Green poker chips have a value of $25, except in California where the $25 chip is purple. Gambling Counselling Manchester

1 330,36 руб. Poker Jewellery. Site Map Blue Chip Company (BCC) back in business?

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Ceramic chips allow FULL graphical freedom over the ENTIRE chip- including edge

  1. Real casino chips weigh in at about 10- 10.5 grams-- we know because we manufacture casino chips.
  2. Games 100 It's a great collectors item in addition to a useful tool regardless if you're purchasing one for yourself or getting a whole set for your poker table.In casinos where high-stakes gambling is allowed in public areas, there may be plaques in denominations of $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, and higher.
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  4. Notes, CC = Australian Chip Guide | The definitive site for every casino chip and memorabilia in Australia and New Zealand.abby99 BGinGA Royal Flush Tourney Director Oct 22, 2015 #54 Joined Oct 29, 2014 Messages 15,096 Likes 15,477 Location Atlanta Oct 22, 2015 #54 MD Mike said:
  5. Some people like abs, some clay, and some ceramic.
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They are treated like money by the casinos and are often destroyed after they are retired, in which case the old ones that reach collectors today were bought or won at the tables years ago and taken home.  Consequently, casino chips are often rare and valuable, particularly the higher denomination ones. (1) don't use vegetable oil, or similar oils, as it smells and attracts insects; and (2) don't let the chips drip dry (or air dry) as it results in rings, particularly where chips lie on each other, and it dries out the chips.

A black chip has the equivalent value of $100, expect in California where white chips are worth this amount. Now, view all of our options for customizing and get personalized poker chips and accessories today!Featured Products Custom Hot Stamped Suited Design Poker Chips $0.23 Choose Options Custom Hot Stamped Striped Dice Poker Chips $0.20 Choose Options 50 Custom Poker Chips $53.50 Choose Options 500 Custom Poker Chips $245.00 Choose Options Food and Drink Tokens $0.69 Choose Options Custom Poker Chips $0.69 Choose Options 200 Custom Poker Chips $118.00 Choose Options 200 Poker Chips Golf Ball Markers $118.00 Choose Options  Call 888-508-1148 or email [email protected]   Wedding Poker Chips   Fundraisers   Groomsman Gifts   Drink Chips   Company Logos   Challenge Coins   Business Cards   Monogram Sets   Food Tokens   Save the Dates     Anniversaries   Promotion   FREE PROOF ____________ Want to see what your custom poker chips will look like before ordering?  GET IT NOW   GALLERY ______________ Need some ideas or curious what the the final product will look like?

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If I were a casino I would always go for the BCC clay formula over the latest PaulSon formula. 15.