Gym for young people with physical disabilities

Renovation and extension of the gym for the “Arrupe Centre” in Cambodia, for the rehabilitation and physical education of children with disabilities.

Project name



Rehabilitation centre for young people with physical disabilities at "La Paloma” centre.


Battambang (Cambodia).


Cambodia is one of the countries with the highest percentage of physically disabled people in the world as a result of the war, which left the country with a staggering 10 million anti-personnel mines.

Sport is very important for them as they need to exercise their muscles in a special way and spend time to prevent injuries.

Project Description

We are going to renovate and extend a small gym for the “Arrupe Centre” in Cambodia for the rehabilitation and physical education of children with disabilities. The future gym will have a dimension of approximately 40 square metres.

It will have specialised machines selected by a consultant who knows the children and knows which exercises they need to work on to improve their elasticity and build muscle.


There are currently 45 young people and children with disabilities living in the centre who will benefit from having a place where they can do specific exercise and rehabilitation. The main objective is to advance in their rehabilitation, improve their muscle tone so that they can gain strength and make their daily activities easier.

On the other hand, the gym is a leisure activity that keeps them in a healthy and safe environment, within the home enclosure and with the possibility of doing group activities, strengthening relationships and improving the spirit of companionship that already exists among them.

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Gym for young people with physical disabilities

Cosme Colmenero: “Today, a significant proportion of Cambodia’s young population has some form of physical disability, as a result of the anti-personnel mines that plague the country and diseases such as polio, which re-emerged during the Khmer Rouge regime.

In our Arrupe Centre we provide accommodation and education for about 20 disabled children and adolescents and we also employ a large number of disabled people in various social enterprises, including a restaurant and a textile factory.

In the Apostolic Prefecture of Battambang we also attach great importance to sport and with the help of the Maga Foundation we have built a small gym on our premises. Our boys and girls are delighted with the chance to play sport and keep fit!”