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The Maga Foundation is a non-profit initiative founded in 2009 by the Murúa Gangutia family, aimed at promoting aid projects and supporting children in underdeveloped countries.


The Fundación Maga is an initiative of the Murúa Gangutia family that was born in 2009 with the mission of promoting aid and support projects for children in underdeveloped countries.

Our main field of action is the education of the youngest. They are the ones who suffer the greatest risk of social exclusion, a problem that is accentuated in the event of illness or poverty. At Fundación Maga we believe that working for the education of children is key to their personal development.

And it is also the basis and driver for a country's progress.

Over these eight years we have carried out projects in Cambodia and Sierra Leone that have benefited many children, their families and communities as a whole.


The Fundación Maga mission is to promote aid and support projects for children in underdeveloped countries.

We believe that the children's education is the basis of a country's development.


A lot of enthusiasm and a lot of effort: key ideas for understanding our involvement in these projects, which we hope will only be the first in a long history of development cooperation.

We feel very attached to the communities created around the schools, both in Cambodia and Sierra Leone. We follow very closely the progress of the children and step by step we get to know and learn from the needs of the most disadvantaged populations.


The goal is to find, at a later stage, other projects to fund.

In this way we would like to count on your support. We are gaining experience but it is clear that we will always need resources.


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