School and water well in Kasengbeh village

The village is committed and involved in the construction, this form of collaboration helps the people of the villages to feel the project belongs to them, to value their work and to feel part of it.

Project name

School and water well in Kasengbeh


School with its corresponding water well offering education to girls and boys in the village of Kasengbeh and the surrounding area.


Kasengbeh (Sierra Leone)


The poorest children in countries like Sierra Leone are five times less likely to go to school than in more developed countries. In addition, in most cases children have to travel many kilometres every day to attend schools that are often overcrowded and lack the basics.

The people of Kasengbeh were also involved in the construction of the school for their community. On the other hand, women and children wash themselves in the rivers, one of the main sources of gastric infections, which is why the construction of drinking water wells is so important.

*Every year more than 1.5 million children under the age of five die worldwide from preventable water-related diseases such as diarrhoea.

Project Description

It is a school with its corresponding water well offering education to girls and boys in the village of Kasengbeh and the surrounding area.

Children have the opportunity to attend school and get a continued education, because the longer and better quality the education, the less likely a child is forced to carry out harmful work.


100 children in this rural area will benefit from what this school can offer them: quality education, well-maintained and adequate infrastructure, school materials and a school within walking distance of their homes so they will not have to walk for hours to attend classes.

The water wells also encourage an obligation and consideration for the parents to make it easier for the children to go to school, as they do not have to walk several kilometres every day to fetch water from the river. On the other hand, it also allows them to have a water reservoir during the long dry season.

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School and water well in Kasengbeh village

Medo Mansaray: “The schools built by MAGA Foundation in Kathombo and Kasengbeh will help the children to have a brighter future and help them to be self-sufficient and to also change the whole life of the community, free from natural beliefs and it will encourage them to participate in its development.
It will raise children’s awareness, help them to know what is happening in the outside world, and to know what their rights are and prevent them from being abused. It will also help reduce early marriages and genital mutilation. Of course, it will reduce the illiteracy rate”.