School in Odam Chrey

We have just opened a school in the village of Odam Chrey and have already made a commitment to build another one in the coming months.

Cambodia is a country with one of the youngest populations in Asia (50% of the population is under the age of 18), so education is considered one of the keys to the future development of the country.

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Nursery in Poipet

In an area where 70 per cent of children do not go to school, in the Kindergaten de Poipet children aged 3 to 6 receive education, family support and interact with other children, far from the dangers offered by the city.

In addition to academic education, the children receive programs in hygiene, agriculture, food, etc.

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Foster home for adolescent girls in Poipet

After 4 years, we have observed that this Project has had a significant impact in the area. The value of education in their families is evident but above all in the young women themselves.

They are aware that their future has changed perspective and they are capable of dreaming. Dreams that can come true thanks to our supporters.

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Extension of the "La Paloma" Study Centre

With this building we have the opportunity to complement the training of children and young people with disabilities and/or at risk of social exclusion in the Arrupe centre and other reception centres of the Apostolic Prefecture of Battambang and we are progressing in the work begun over 15 years ago in the province of Battambang.

This project will provide the necessary training for many people to have a job.

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Gym for young people with physical disabilities

Today, a significant portion of Cambodia's young population has some form of physical disability as a result of the anti-personnel landmines that plague the country and diseases such as polio, which re-emerged during the Khmer Rouge regime.

There are currently 45 young people and children with disabilities living in the centre who will benefit from having a place where they can carry out specific exercise and rehabilitation. Sport is very important to them because they need to exercise their muscles in a special way and dedicate time to prevent injuries.

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Sierra Leone

School and water well in Kasengbeh village

The chances of the poorest children not going to school in countries like Sierra Leone are five times higher than in more developed countries. In most cases, children have to travel many kilometres each day to attend schools that are often overcrowded and lack the basics.

The water wells are also a support to generate an obligation and consideration for parents to make it easier for children to go to school, so they do not have to walk several kilometers every day to collect water in the river. On the other hand it also allows them to have a water tank during the long dry season.

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School and well in the village of Kathombo

Nearly 30 per cent of the country's children do not have access to education. The war led to the closure of many schools and in the most remote regions it is still difficult for some children to go to school.

In the case of Kathombo, its population was involved in the construction of the school. The school has several classrooms and a well.

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