Daily life in Sierra Leone

Fundación Maga


We want to share with you a little bit of the daily life of the people in Sierra Leone.

Both women and children wash themselves in the rivers, one of the main sources of gastric infections, which is why the construction of drinking water wells is so important.

The water well prevents diseases and improves livelihoods. The following figure helps us to better understand the problem: every 4 seconds a person dies worldwide due to lack of water, and the mortality rate is higher in countries with water shortages and diseases.

This is how we were welcomed in Kathombo on the day we opened the school.

The water wells also encourage an obligation and consideration for the parents to make it easier for the children to go to school, as they do not have to walk several kilometres every day to fetch water from the river. On the other hand it also allows them to have a water reservoir during the long dry season.



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